Wildlife in the UK is protected. However, there are a number of illegal activities that threaten our wildlife. 
Species Protection...

In brief:

All bats and their roosts are protected.

All badgers and their setts are protected.

All wild birds are protected, along with their nests (when in use) and eggs.

All great crested newts and places of shelter are protected.

All water voles and otters are protected.

Wild plants are protected from uprooting, without permission, some rare plants are further protected.


However there are some exceptions and defences! In certain conditions and circumstances licences can be issued. There are ways of dealing with the issues and keep within the law.

Other issues...

In addition there are a number of laws that protect game species such as Hares, Deer, Pheasants etc along with Fish and other species. 


The demand for game, venison and fish for the table has never been higher in the UK. 


The modern poacher’s activities range from the criminal offence of theft of deer, and salmon to encompass the illegal use of dogs, animal cruelty, and opportunist theft of farm, and household equipment. They pay no regard to food safety and damage to wildlife. In short; poaching is a damaging crime and must be stopped. 

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