The Wildlife Training Consultancy currently works with a number of organisations to provide effective training.
Other Courses...

Courses covering specific areas are being developed and delivered.

Subjects covering bats, badgers, protected species and development, animal welfare, dangerous dogs, wildlife crime investigations, poaching, are just some of the training available. Courses can be specific or cover a wide range, what is wildlife crime, how can you help, and many other areas.Please get in touch and we can look at bespoke courses already delivered, or simply look at delivering a simple course to suit your needs

One day wildlife crime awareness training has been delivered to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, and others. An insight into wildlife crime current and past, update on matters arising, and points on evidence gathering, note taking, preparing evidence, and writing statements, were all covered as part of this course. Further courses are being planned with a view to extending this training. This course can be adapted and I am currently looking at running a further set of one day events across the country.

Working on a project to deliver a one day course to pest control, and if you are interested then please do get in touch with me. Course dates to be announced.

Training delivered to Forestry company, covering the laws, basic ecology, roost, nest and sett identification.

Currently working with the NHM to deliver training on CITES.

Training being delivered as part of an ongoing programme to NHM staff has now started. Raising the awareness of CITES, the legislation, and the valuable work of the museum, and how museums comply with, and support CITES.