The Wildlife Training Consultancy has a number of courses suited to wildlife professionals, enforcement agencies and the general public.  Bespoke courses can also be created that are tailor made to suit your organisations needs.
National Wildlife Crime Officers Course



To equip officers with the ability to undertake investigations, in a safe and efficient manner, within a multi-agency framework where appropriate. This course is accredited by PAW the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime.


This course is currently run for government enforcement agencies only. However if there is sufficient interest then the course can be adapted to the requirements. If you are not from a government enforcement agency then contact me. If you currently work for a government agency and wish to attend the course, then contact me through this website.


This course utilises a great deal of experience and the valuable contributions from several agencies. Natural England, JNCC, RBG Kew, UK Border Agency, Bat Conservation Trust, RSPB, RSPCA, NWCU, and others. Their continued support is greatly appreciated.

Next course Sept 21st 2021

Due to the current position with Covid 19, there will be no further courses after September until 2021 to allow me to catch up.

With the current restrictions and to meet demand it has been decided to run as a trial 'online' distance learning course, packaged over three 90 minute sessions over a month. It will use the principles of the 3 R's. 

How to Recognise a wildlife crime, how to Record one, and how to Report once. 

Get in touch for further information.

Other Training...

Wildlife Crime Awareness: One and two day packages covering specific fields, such as bats, badgers, development issues, bird persecution, endangered species, protected species and giving evidence in wildlife cases, are just some. These packages are for enforcement as well as interested persons, and volunteers, and can be adapted to suit the needs.

Online training- distance learning:  New and developed to ensure that training is still available for all during restrictions under Covid 19

3 x 90 minute sessions raising the awareness of what wildlife crime is, how to RECOGNISE one, how to RECORD one, and how to REPORT one. 

Pest Control: one or two day modules covering issues surrounding the world of pest control, and potential conflict with wildlife.

Arboriculturist's: Wildlife Awareness and the Law. Training specifically tailored to suit the requirements, and recently delivered to an arboriculturist's. A tailored course to suit the needs, primarily a one day, but with the potential for two if required.  

Planning Authorities: One day module looking at the issues surrounding planning, and its potential conflict with wildlife. 

Wildlife Trust Rangers: one day module covering wildlife crime, raising awareness, advice on gathering evidence, legislation, points to prove, and other areas of specific interest.

CITES training: currently delivered to police and at NHM London. These courses are again in modules and can be changed to customer requirements.

New 3 day police CITES course now established after successful first one. 



Badger Awareness courses: being offered to the police, and badger groups or other interested groups. This course can be stage one of a full assessment process working towards a recognised accreditation.

Further details to follow, or please visit the Badger Trust website.

There are a number of options available, and courses are already being delivered to a wide range of areas. These courses are being delivered to local authorities, rangers, pest control, volunteers, and wardens. They can be a full day or half day, or even longer if required. All of the courses are adapted to the requirements of the individual or organisation, and are delivered by myself a trained retired police officer with over 33 years experience in dealing with wildlife crime. Costs will always be an issue, and these are flexible and minimal, but can be delivered as a one off charge, or an individual price. The whole idea, is flexibility, deliver what is required, and work together to protect our species.

Wildlife Crime Workshops: Badger Awareness Course

Courses to assist both the police dealing with badger incidents, and raising the awareness amongst badger groups, ecologists, the public in general, have commenced.

In partnership with the Badger Trust, and Naturewatch Foundation we have a launched a training programme across England & Wales. Training is being offered to very police force to raise the persecution that badgers face, the law, and basic ecology with sett identification. 


Part two of this programme will work to developing a series of training programmes, to offer training to a wide range of interested parties, develop an accredited, improved, and qualified system to ensure a wider availability of trained, experts, and competent persons. 


For further details of these courses please get in touch.

Getting in touch:

Want to learn more about Wildlife Crime? What is wildlife crime? What species are protected?

Learn about the cruelty that animals suffer, the obsessive collectors, current trends, and the need to protect our species both national, and international ones. Why do people fight dogs, bait badgers, poison birds of prey, destroy bat roosts, collect birds eggs, chase hares, and poach our deer, and fish.So what can you do to assist? Learn about the exemptions, and defences. Learn how education has a key part to play. Assist the police in protecting our species. Identify key points, what to look for, gathering evidence.

Legislation that protects our wildlife is complex and, to some, a means to stop what can be a lawful activity.  However there are allowances, and exemptions under the law, don't be tempted, get professional advice.

Your trainer is a retired police wildlife crime officer with over 30 years experience dealing with wildlife crimes. Trained over 1000 police staff at the only national accredited police wildlife crime course.

The responsibility for protecting our species is everyone's, it's not just down to the police.  Your help can help, the 'eyes and ears' of the countryside, but it's not rural communities that are effected, wildlife crimes take part in urban areas as well.  Courses are being rolled out a various venues across the country.

Don't miss the chance.Learn the three R's.