Education plays a key role in enforcement agencies, supporting agencies, and for the general public who play a critical role in the prevention of wildlife crime.
Experience Makes a Difference...

With over 34 years experience in dealing with wildlife laws as a police officer, and over 20 years delivering training to over 1200 police officers, and police staff from all over the UK, the Wildlife Training Consultancy has been set up to enable the continued support for the need to protect our wildlife, be it national or international species. Education plays a key part in that, and not only for the enforcement agencies, and supporting agencies, but most importantly the general public as well. The consultancy is not just about training courses, it is there to help, give advice, and if, and when appropriate carry out site visits.

Do you really need that survey, to comply with planning, at sometimes great expense?

The laws that protect our wildlife and countryside can be very complex...

With over 160 separate pieces of legislation, at times the understanding of the legislation can be difficult. Understanding the practical side comes with experience. My background is as a police officer, having completed 32 years service and 28 years dealing with wildlife crime, and it is the practical experience I have gained, that I have been able to put this website together.

I have run and managed the nationally accredited 'Police Wildlife Crime Officers Course', since 1997, which is accredited by the Internationally renown 'Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime'. This is the only course of its kind within the UK.

On the back of the success of this course, I have been asked to deliver training overseas, addressed conferences, and presented at seminars in other countries. Delivered specialist one off courses to police forces across the UK, worked in partnership with the UK Border Agency on the trade in endangered species, assisted in reviewing legislation and regulations covering a number of specific areas. Delivering training to the internationally renown NHM, and a number of highly important NGO’s.

Having been involved in a number of badger cases over the years, delivered training, written papers and training packages on badgers, the laws and sett identification, acting as an 'competent witness' in such related cases is something that can be offered. Now working in partnership with the Badger Trust, and Nature Watch Foundation delivering a three stage training programme, to raise awareness amongst badger groups, and police forces, sett identification, and how this fits within the legislation, competent and expert witnesses, ecologists, and the licensing process. For more information on these courses please use the contact link on this site, or visit the Badger Trust website.

Protecting our wildlife is important to us all...

Educating the variety of organisations, from enforcement to walkers, from schools to universities, we need to understand the issues and solutions. Prosecution can at times be seen as a failure, a failure by the system to protect, prevention can be far better.

Dealing with the laws relating to our wildlife can be daunting, and help can be somewhat restricted at times. This website will hopefully give you some hope. You will not find all the answers, or legislation on this site, but if you want some advice on species protection, you are planning a development no matter how small or large, want to attend some training, want to discuss a training need then please get in contact. 

Getting in touch:

Planning a development, extension, clearance, and you are concerned, or have been asked for a survey? Maybe you do not need one, potentially save yourself money.